Small Biz Say Keep Our Care

Small Biz Say Keep Our Care

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Dear Lawmaker, As a small business owner, I am extremely concerned about efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Repeal would be a major blow to the small business community, as many of us rely...
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Losing the affordable coverage options offered by the ACA will hinder the development of new small businesses, particularly those whose owners have preexisting conditions, like me. I want lawmakers to listen to real entrepreneurs about how the ACA has benefitted us, and consider the impacts that a repeal would have on businesses, employees and local economies. For me, it has been a lifeline and a tremendous relief to know that I won’t be bankrupted by the simple act of trying to obtain healthcare.

-Andrea Deutsch, owner of Spot’s-The Place for Paws in Narbeth, PA

Without the Affordable Care Act, ‘creative types’ like me will have to set aside our dreams to find more traditional employment because we can no longer afford independent coverage. Of course the law is not perfect, but it doesn’t make sense to dismantle a program that’s helping millions of people. Instead of creating chaos, lawmakers need to come together and strengthen the law.

-Karin McKie, owner of Tree Falls Productions in Chicago, IL

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